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Outreaches alleviate hunger, reach the world

The handicapped of Nyabira community received maize meal and clothing from the UMC Church and Society committee

The UMC Church and Society committee hand over maize meal and clothing to the handicapped of Nyabira community. Photo by Eunice Kadiki, HWD Communicator

By Eunice Kadiki
HARARE, ZIMBABWE – “God’s workmanship becomes evident in the lives of Christians as they step out of their comfort zone to provide Outreach ministries to needy circuits”. – Connectional Ministries Executive Summary/ HWD 2016 Conference Report

The Harare West District (HWD) has held outreaches in Granary on March 19, Domboshava on April 23, at Darwendale from May 13-15 and at Nyabira from October 19-23. Donated food items and clothing were given to communities in these areas.

The HWD district is the first district to “Therefore Go . . .” by not only preaching the word during crusades but by donating food and clothing items. Thereby helping in alleviating hunger in the communities within the district.

The District also partnered with the UMC (United Methodist Church) Dental Unit, the Cancer Association of Zimbabwe and Population Services International in providing FREE primary health and dental care, and counselling services. Free blood pressure checks were also carried out by medical personnel who are members of the UMC.

These initiatives were greatly appreciated and supported by not only the communities in which they were held, but also by local leaders and chiefs.

When the Government declared a state of emergency due to the effects of drought in Zimbabwe, circuits in HWD responded to the need. HWD circuits of the UMC donated and contributed 15 tonnes of maize and maize meal. The value of the maize and the maize meal was $6 500. The Rushinga “Drought food distribution programme on July 24 was the initial step in assisting disadvantaged communities within areas served by the District’s circuits.” Three hundred and forty three families were assisted with a 50kg bag of maize each or 40kg mealie meal.

An article written by Pastor TE Maforo on the Rushinga programme, was published by the United Methodist News Service and on the website, and literally “reached” the world. The article has been twitted and shared on social media. The article initiated responses from various individuals and organisations, some who have offered to partner with the District when they next embark on a similar food relief exercise.

The Muzarabani mission area is set to benefit next.

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