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History of Bishops

History of Bishops 

The United Methodist Bishops

2004 to Date Bishop Eben Kanukayi NhiwatiwaZimbabwe Episcopal Area

2000 to 2003 Bishop SkeeteZimbabwe Episcopal area

1992 to2000 Bishop Christopher JokomoZimbabwe Annual Conference

1985 to 1986 Bishop James K. MatthewsZimbabwe Annual Conference

1968 to 1991 Bishop Abel Tendekayi MuzorewaRhodesia Annual Conference/Zimbabwe Annual Conference

1956 to 1968 Bishop Ralph E. Dodge

1944 to 1955 Bishop Newell Snow Booth

1937 to 1943 Bishop John Mckendree Springer

1917 to 1936 Bishop Eben S. Johnson

1896 to 1916 Bishop Joseph C. Hartzel

1884 to 1886 Bishop William Taylor


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